Referee shadow sign ups

New Referees, make sure you sign up for your shadow assignments.

In addition to the Referee course and test, shadow assignments at two events under different Referees are required to complete certification.

Here’s the link:

New rule protects NPS athletes

A new rule was just handed down from the Western Region protecting athletes who attend the NPS project in Burke that conflicts with the U16 Qualifiers at Snowbird.

Here is the new rule:

The Region requires that Divisions protect athletes that are selected and participate in the 2023 NPS projects that conflict with the Divisional qualifying process. These athletes will be selected as part of the Divisional quota. Athletes that attend the NPS series should participate in non conflicting qualifiers within their Division.

The U16 Boards will have the NPS attendees’ names at the top of the board even though they will have zero points after the Snowbird race. As these athletes score world cup points at the other qualifiers, they will be moved to where they objectively qualify. If they fail to qualify objectively, they will be automatics and will use one of our quota spots.

2022-23 Sean Nurse results are in

The results from the Sean Nurse Giant Slaloms and Slaloms in Jackson Hole are in. Today’s final day of Slaloms was canceled due to extreme cold weather.

Here is link to the results:

2023 IMD Junior Team announced

Congratulations to the Intermountain Alpine Junior Team!

Every December, IMD selects six boys and four girls who were active IMD racers the previous season and will be active IMD U21 or U18 racers for the following season to become members of the IMD Junior Team.

IMD athletes who qualify but will not be returning to IMD to compete for the following season (move to the USST, went to college, retirement, etc.) are named honorary team members. The 10 members will each receive a $500 IMD Grant to help with their race expenses for the season. In addition, they will receive free entry fees to all Intermountain Cup (IMC) races.

Oliver Parazette, 2002, Honorary U. of U.
Benny Brown, 2003, Honorary Eastern
Ryder Sarchett, 2003, Honorary USST
1 Colin Hanna, 2004, SVSEF
2 Finnigan Donley, 2005, SVSEF
3 Grant Hagen, 2003, PCSS
4 Kai Subith, 2005, SVSEF
5 Jakob Rogers, 2003, PCSS
6 Ford Hodgkins, 2004, PCSS

Laurem Macuga, 2002, Honorary USST
Mary Bocock, 2003, Honorary USST
Sophia Tozzi, 2003, Honorary Eastern
Dasha Romanov, 2003, Honorary USST
Mia Hunt, 2003, Honorary Rocky
Elisabeth Bocock, 2005, Honorary USST
1 Paige Dehart, 2005, SVSEF
2 Maddie Welling, 2004, PCSS
3 Madison Kaiserman, 2004, PCSS
4 Carly Hamilton, 2005, PCSS

2022-23 IMD Handbook is here

The Intermountain Division Alpine Handbook is now available for download.

It contains everything parents, racers and coaches need to know for a successful competition season.

Get yours at the link below:

2022-23 IMD Handbook (ver. 1)

It is also available from a link on the IMD homepage.

2023 Master Packet of Forms updated

The Master Packet of Forms for 2023 has been updated.

The MPF zip files in Alpine 101 Race Admin and TD sections have been updated.

The updated package is attached below:


U16 IMC Qualifier race announcement

Here is the U16 IMC Qualifier at Snowbird.

2023 U16 IMC Q RA

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