Park City IMC, U16 Qualifier postponed

The Park City IMC, U16 Qualifier has been postponed until a later date still to be determined. There is not enough snow at Park City to put on the event.

Watch this news item for updates.

The race announcement is online for Park City IMC/U16 Qualifier Jan. 5-7, but obsolete for the time being.

Also attached below are the waiver and lodging information.


2017-18 Park City

Best Western IMC U-16 Qualifier Race flyer

Snowbird South GS race announcement

The race announcement for the Snowbird South Series giant slaloms is now available.

Snowbird is asking all teams and competitors to use the U.S. Ski & Snowboard online race registration system — either for groups or individuals

Teams will be able to view their registered athletes by logging into their U.S. Ski & Snowboard club account. They can either have their parents register or use the group registration and register and pay themselves, but athletes will all show on the race entry through the U.S. Ski & Snowboard Club account.

Snowbird’s Tami Strong says she will help anyone register either by Individual or Group registration. Please contact her with questions,

The race announcement and online registration instructions are attached below.

Snowbird South Series GS race announcement

Online Athlete Registration Instructions

Group_Team Reg Instructions

The race announcement and instructions can also be found on the South Series results page:

Sean Nurse, North GS race announcements

Race announcements for the Sean Nurse Memorial and the North Series giant slaloms at Jackson are available for download.

They are attached below and also available from the Race Schedule.

Sean Nurse race announcement

North Series GS race announcement

Eric Hays results are in

All results from the Eric Hays IMC/U16 Qualifier event in Jackson are in. The event, originally scheduled for Park City, was move to Snow King because of a lack of snow.

See the results at:

Bryce Astle Memorial race announcements

The race announcements and additional information for the Bryce Astle Memorial Series Western Region FIS Elite slaloms at Snowbird and giant slaloms at Park City, Jan. 20-23, are now available for download.

The files are attached below:

Bryce Astle Memorial slalom race announcement

Western Region Tech Series Hotel Flyer

Bryce Astle Memorial giant slalom race announcement

Park City 2017-18 Competition, Racing and Training Release

2017-18 IMD Junior Team selected

Congratulations 2017-18 IMD Junior Team

The team is selected based on seed points from the National Points list #13.  WC points are assigned in each discipline and then we combine the best 3 out of 4 disciplines. Members of the IMD Junior Team will receive a $500 grant.

There has also been a correction to the IMD Junior Team since it was originally posted on 12/20/2017.  Yuri McClure is now an honorary member and is racing for Plymouth State.  That puts Scott McGrath from Park City as the next pick for the team.  Congratulations Scott!

Haley Cutler – Honorary UNM
Katie Hensien – Honorary US Ski Team
Hannah West – Honorary Bates College
Madison Ostergren – Honorary Westminster
1. Erin Smith – Sun Valley
2. Kaitlyn Vesterstein – Rowmark
Juliette Parke – Honorary U of Utah
3. Skylar Cooley – Sun Valley
4. Charlotte Townsend – Park City

Andrew Miller – Honorary US Ski Team
1. Alexander Birkner – Team Flow
Ian Griffith – Honorary
2. Dominik Brazerol – Independent
Luke Mathers – Honorary
3. John Blackburn – Sun Valley
Yuri McClure – Honorary – Plymouth State
Gray Larsen – Honorary U of Utah
Spencer Wright – Sun Valley
Duncan Fuller – Honorary
5.  Scott Bocock – Rowmark
6.  Scott McGrath- Park City

Jackson FIS Tech results are in

Results from the Western Region FIS tech event at Snow King are in.

See them at:

Rowmark AO clinic Jan. 1

Rowmark will host an Alpine officials clinic an. 1 at 5 p.m.

The clinic will cover Referee and the Referee test will be given.

See complete details below.

2018 AO Clinic Agenda SLC

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