2022 safety grant program opens

To US Ski & Snowboard Alpine member clubs:

The Kelly Brush Foundation is excited to announce that our 2022 Ski Racing Safety Grant Program application is now OPEN. The application deadline is Friday, June 24, 2022.

This is your opportunity to receive support from the Kelly Brush Foundation to purchase safety equipment. Is your B-Net starting to age and need replacement? Do you need more netting for proper safety installations? Are you opening a new race or training trail? Do you have other obstacles that need better protection?



DEADLINE: Friday, June 24, 2022

Please share this email with everyone on the team at your club that makes on-hill safety as well as budget decisions.

We at the Kelly Brush Foundation hope safety is always a priority discussion at your club. Since Kelly’s injury in 2006 we have been committed to leading the discussion on safety and have backed up our advocacy with almost 200 grants to clubs around the country to improve safety on their venue. If you have any questions about our grant program, your application, or anything else about the Kelly Brush Foundation’s ski racing safety mission, don’t hesitate to reach out.

About the KBF Ski Racing Safety Equipment Grant Program

The Kelly Brush Foundation Ski Racing Safety Grant Program is intended to help Alpine ski race programs and venues purchase safety equipment. All grants are matching (meaning we will only fund up to half of an equipment purchase). We have been administering this program for 15 years in addition to the safety advocacy and educational programming we provide the ski racing community.

About the KBF

Since Kelly sustained a spinal cord injury ski racing in an NCAA D-I race in 2006, we are proud of the change we’ve driven in the culture of safety. We have helped purchase over 15 miles of b-netting, supported trail widening projects, and contributed to other safety measures at hundreds of venues around the country. We are confident that every US Ski & Snowboard Alpine racer around the country races at least one venue (or many more) every year that we have made safer. Learn more about our ski racing safety mission: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ygePbuie8Q4

Thank you for your commitment to safety and please reach out with any questions.


Zeke Davisson

Board of Directors


2022 SnowCup women’s SGs canceled, Bromley wins overall

The women’s Super-Gs at the 2022 Snowbird SnowCup have been canceled because of snow conditions.

Women’s overall winner Meredith Bromley of Sun Valley.

The overall winner for the women’s event is Meredith Bromley of Sun Valley

Here are the results from the women’s giant slaloms and slaloms in the 2022 SnowCup at Snowbird:

SnowCup 2022 GS1 W Race Results

SnowCup 2022 GS2 W Race Results

In the first giant slalom of the day, Meredith Bromley of Sun Valley was first, Sophia Hijjawi of Rowmark was second and Josie Sarchett of Sun Valley was third.

In the second giant slalom, Beatrice Martin of Snowbird was first, Meredith Bromley of Sun Valley was second and Macy Lawrence of Park City was third.

SnowCup 2022 SL1 W Race Results

SnowCup 2022 SL2 W Race Results

In the opening slalom of the day Park City’s Lindsey Aten was first, Hadley Platt of Park City was second and Sofie Haggard of Snowbird was third.

In slalom two, Sofie Haggard of Snowbird was first, Ava Kelly of Park City was second and Sophia Hijjawi of Rowmark was third.

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