Alpine Competition Committee (ACC)

The ACC is responsible for the development, encouragement, and participation of competitors with the various IMD competitive programs. Its members are responsible for the review and approval of applications for Division competitive events. In addition, the ACC is the policymaking entity relating to all Alpine content.

Alpine Officials Committee (AOC)

Oversees the recruiting, training, tracking and advancement of Alpine officials in Intermountain Division of U.S. Ski and Snowboard.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall consist of 5 committee members of the ACC. The Executive Committee shall be empowered to act upon all matters requiring ACC attention between meetings of the full ACC.

Judicial Committee

The Judicial Committee is composed of at least three members, including at least one athlete member. The Judicial Committee may consider written grievances concerning actions by the Corporation, its Board, the ACC, any of its Standing Committees, or any of members acting in their official capacities.

The Finance Committee

The Finance Committee shall assist in planning procedures for accounting of income, expenditures, audit, and control.

The Development Committee

The Development Committee is responsible for creating the Development Philosophy for the U16 ages and younger.

YSL Committee

The YSL Committee is a sub-committee to the Development Committee. It functions as the group that monitors and guides the Youth Ski League.

Calendaring Committee

The Calendaring Committee establishes a division wide calendar to present to the ACC in the Spring.

Grant Committee

The Grant Committee reviews all IMD grant applications and distributes yearly need based grants.