Snowcup SL Podium Photos


1 Jane Sara Mikell SB
2 Taylor Moe SVSEF
3 Ruby Rosh RM

1 Taylor Moe SVSEF
2 Ruby Rosh RM
3 Brooke Goldberg PCSS

1 Ian Hanrahan PCSS
2 Augustus Dain SB
3 Samuel Bush PCSS

1 Samuel Bush PCSS
2 Andrew Bush SB
3 Tucker Reimund SVSEF

2024 Snow Cup Results Are In

See them at

Now is time to reccommend AO upgrades

Do you have an alpine official in mind who should be advanced.

Now is the time.

Send your nominations to Alpine Officials Chairman Gil Denis,

2024 Spring Fling results

Results are flowing in from the 2024 Spring Fling.

See them at:

2024 IMD Finals results

GS results from the 2024 IMD Finals at Targhee are in.

See them at:

U14 2024 WR champs results

Results are in from the Western Region U14 Chamoionships.

See them at:

2024 Spring Fling Ski-Up and Race Annoucement

Here are the Ski-Up Agreement and Race Announcement for the 2024 Spring Fling at Targhee. Second year U12s must complete the Ski Up Agreement.

Spring Fling GTR 2024 Race Announcement

USSA Ski Up form.docx

2024 IMD Champs results

Results are in from the IMD Champs.

See them at:

Here are podium shots from all three days:

Ray Miller YSL slalom results are in

Results from the Ray Miller Memorial slaloms are in.

See them at:

U14 Regionals Tri-D boards

Here are the boards for the U14 Regionals Tri-D boards:

Tri-D Boards

Alaska U16 Regionals team agreement and payment

Congratulations on qualifying for the U16 Regional Championships in Alaska. Good luck to all of you.

Here are the steps you must take to finalize your team membership.

  1. Complete and submit the IMD Team Agreement
  2. Pay the regionals fee.

Go here for the U16 Regionals Info Sheet

David Wright GS, SL results are in

Results from the David Wright Memorial in Park City are in.

See them at:

The schedule changed to slalom today because of expected weather overnight and during the day.

2024 IMD Champs boards

Here are the 2024 IMD Champs boards:

You will also find them in their permanent location:

2024 U16 Regional Tri-Div Boards

The 2024 Regional/Tri-Div Boards for 2024 are up on the IMD website.

Go directly to them here:

Or find them in their permanent location:

Here is the Tri-Divs race announcent: 2024 Tri Divisional Race Announcement

Butch Hoffman South Series GS, Kombi results are in

Results are in from the Butch Hoffman South Series GS/Kombie at Snowbasin.

See them at:

2024 Monroe Cup results are in

Results are in from the Monroe Cup North Series slaloms at Rotarun in Hailey, ID.

See them at:

2024 SG results are in from UOP

Results are in from the U16 Qualifier Super Gs at the Utah Olympic Park.

See them at:

Results from the 2024 UOP YSL GS are in

Results from the UOP YSL Giant Slaloms are in.

See them at:

Reimund and Rosh top 2024 Astle IMC standings

With only 2 race series left in the Bryce Astle Intermountain Cup, the current standings after the Laura Flood are:

1. Tucker Reimund- SVSEF- 437pts
2. Teodor Shamah- RM- 369 pts
3. Jaden D’Amours- JHSC- 340 pts

1. Ruby Rosh- RM- 540 pts
2. Brooke Goldberg- 516 pts
3. Taylor Moe- 480 pts

There have been 5 SLs and 5 GSs contested so far. We take the best 4 of 7 SLs, the best 4 of 7 GSs and the best 2 of 3 SGs. Good luck to everyone at the new UOP SG venue next week.

It should be exciting!!

Targhee SG results are in

Results are in from U14 Qualifier Super Gs at Grand Targhee.

See them at:

2024 Park City South Series Slaloms

Results are in from the Park City South Series Slaloms.

See them at:

Cranston Cup North Series GS and Kombi results are in

Results are in from the Bogus Basin Cranston Cup Giant Slaloms and Kombi.

See them at

2024 JH SG results are in

Results are in from the Wes Barron Super-Gs in Jackson Hole.

See them at:

Brighton 2024 YSL GS results are in

Results are in from the Brighton YSL Giant Slaloms.

See them at

2024 U14 Speed Project signup closed

Registration is now closed for the 2024 U14 Speed Project, Jan. 30-Feb. 1, at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.

Targhee North Series GS results

Results from the Targhee North Series Giant Slaloms are in.

See them at:

Men’s 2024 South GS results are in from Snowbird

Men South giant slalom results are in from Snowbird.

See the results at:

Here are some podium shots from the event:

Women South GS results in from Snowbird

Women’s giant slalom results are in from the Snowbird South Series GS event.

See the results at:

Here are some podium shots from the first day of racing:

Results in from JH U14 qualifier

Giant Slalom and both days of Slalom results are in from the U14 Qualifier at Snowking in the Jackson Hole, WY.

See them here:

Here are the podium photos from the event:

2024 Snowbird qualifier GS, SL results are in

Results from the Snowbird U16 Qualifier giant slaloms and slaloms are in.

See them at:

Here are the podiums from the event:

Zoom AO Update & Review clinics for 2023-24

The Alpine Official training season is upon us.

Below are the signup links for the Update & Review clinics scheduled in IMD. Most Alpine officials are required to attend an Update every other year to retain their AO classifications.

Select the clinic date below that best suits your schedule and click the link to signup for the clinic. Once you have signed up you will be emailed a link to get you into the clinic. Don’t lose that email.

For in-person specialty area training and testing, see the news item on those courses.

Completed Nov. 8, 6 p.m. — Instructor Stephen Schowengerdt

Completed Nov. 18, 9 a.m. — Instructor Carma Burnett

Completed Nov. 29, 6 p.m. — Instructor Becky Stone

Canceled Dec. 9, 9 a.m. — Instructor Gil Denis

Completed Dec. 13, 6 p.m. — Instructor Carma Burnett

Jan. 3, 6 p.m. — Instructor Shannon Carrell

2023 Sean Nurse Memorial results are in

All results are in from the Sean Nurse Memorial in Jackson Hole.

See them at:

Getting started in AdminSkiRacing

Here is the link to getting started with AdminSkiRacing, the new race registration tool,

In-person AO clinic schedule for 2023-24

Here is the in-person Alpine Official clinic schedule for the 2023-24 season.

All specialty-area clinics will include testing. You can attend a specialty-area clinic to fulfill your last update year requirement. Most officials are required to attend an update every other year to maintain their AO classifications.

You must be a Competition Official Level 1 to attend any of these clinics. The CO training document and quiz for this year will be available in late October.

The Park City and Jackson Hole clinics are our big clinics this year and offer the most training opportunities.

Please RSVP for the clinic you will attend so we have an accurate head count.

Note: This information is not complete and will be updated as more information becomes available.

Completed Nov. 4, 10 a.m. – Ref Certification. Location: 3127 Bell Canyon Rd., Sandy, Ut.

Completed Nov. 7, 3-7 p.m. – Ref Certification

Park City
Completed Nov. 11, 9 a.m. – Ref, RA, Timing and Calculations, Chief of Course Certifications

Main Meeting Location: Quinney Conference Room (3rd Floor, Alf Engen Museum) at the Utah Olympic Park.
Specific groups will breakout into other rooms once you have signed in.

Sun Valley
Completed Nov. 12, 9 a.m. – Ref Certification. Location: Engl Training Center (above Apples)

Jackson Hole
Completed Nov. 11, 9 a.m. – RA Certification Instructor Susan Torres, Location: Snow King JHSC offices
Completed Nov. 12, 9 a.m. – T&C Certification Instructor Rich McDowell/Sue Bybee, Location: Snow King JHSC offices
Nov. 27, 9 a.m. – Ref Certification Instructor Gil Denis, Location: Snow King JHSC offices

Please show up at your clinic prepared with note-taking material and your Alpine Comp Guide or FIS rule book.

As training material becomes available, we will include links to it here.

2023-24 AO training material is up in Alpine 101

Training material for the 2023-24 season is now available for download from Alpine 101. All specialty AO disciplines are covered.

2023-24 CO Test and Course are online

The Competition Official Course and Quiz are available for the coming season.

You will find them in Alpine 101:

The CO quiz must be taken before new Alpine Officials can attend an specialty-area clinic and test.

Cache Valey Ski Team seeks assistant coach

The Cache Valley Ski Team in Logan, Utah, has an opening to fill for assistant coach.

Complete details are attached.

CVST Coaching Position

Brighton Ski Team has openings for coaches

The Brighton Ski Team is currently looking to hire a Fast 5’s and U14 coach for the upcoming 2023-2024 season.

See the file below for specifics on the open coaching positions.

Coaching role Information

FIS $85 signup deadline Aug. 15


A reminder that August 15 is the deadline for the $85 FIS rate. After this date, the fee goes up. Let’s help get the word out to the clubs along with being safe sport compliant to those who need to complete registration.

Heidi Voelker
Western Region Manager

2022-23 IMD Award Winners

Charlotte Gourlay collects her Coach of the Year trophy and
coach mate Anika Angriman captures the moment.

Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation Coach Charlotte Gourlay was named the 2023 Nick Lewis Coach of the Year during the Intermountain Division Spring meetings on Tuesday, May 23, 2023.

Here are all of the annual award winners for this season:

Nick Lewis Coach of the Year
Charlotte Gourlay

Alan Hayes Scholar
Townsend Mikell

Bryce Astle IMC Overall
Dyllan Guay
Harry Hoffman

Steve Bounous Award
Finnegan Donley
Madison Kaiserman

IMD Official of the Year
Roger Paulman, Snowbird

Steve Schowengerdt IMD Volunteer
Sean O’Connor, Sun Valley

You can visit this link to see a list of all past IMD Award Winners:

The IMD annual meeting, in addition to an awards banquet, is when the Alpine Competition Committee gets together to set the path for the coming seeason. Minutes of that meeting are available by clicking here.

Job opportunities with Snowbird Ski Team

Check out the Job Opportunities page on the Snowbird Sports Education Foundation website.

They have several positions to fill for next season.

Rocky Mountain Division features random U16 seeding

Last year, the USSS Health of Sport Committee quickly agreed to a significant change. Committee members from all three regions proposed a U-16 random seeding system that the working group members almost immediately embraced. All the regions agreed to at least test the concept during the 2022-23 season

Read the whole story in Ski Racing:

Jesse Foster featured in St. Lukes news blog

IMD dad and masters racer Jesse Foster is featured in a recent St. Lukes Hospital news blog.

See the article here:*

2023 SnowCup canceled

The SnowCup has been canceled due to the inordinate amount of snow that fell recently, which has made Little Cottonwood Canyon very dangerous. The GM at Snowbird is the one that made the call. We are exploring different scenarios for later in April. For now, enjoy your Easter weekend and as soon or if we come up with an alternate plan, I’ll let you know.

Happy Easter,

Check out the SnowCup info page

Everything you need to know about the 2023 SnowCup at Snowbird, including links to the Youtube live feeds each day.

Check it out:

2023 Spring Fling results

Dual Slalom, Giant Slalom and Kombi results are in from from the U12/U14 Spring Fling at Targhee.

See them at:

Final push is on for the Bryce Astle IMC

The race for the Bryce Astle IMC is on. Our end-of-season awards will take place on the last day of the SnowCup at Snowbird. The Overall IMD winner is selected from the best 4 SL results, the best 4 GS results and the best 2 SG results in the IMC Series. The races include the Sean Nurse, the U16 qualifiers and the SnowCup.

The current standings in the women are:
1st Place- Dyllan Guay- PC with 810 pts.
2nd Place- Ruby Smith- SV with 550 pts.
3rd Place- Taylor Moe- JH with 540 pts.

The current standings in the men are:
1st Place- Jack Hoffman- RM with 571 pts.
2nd Place- Owen Lancaster- SV with 487 pts.
3rd Place- Oliver Sanders- JH with 443 pts.

2023 Tri-D racing results are in

All results are in from the U14 Tri-Divisional Championships at Targhee.

Racing on Saturday, 3/25/2023, was canceled because of weather that brought an abundance of fresh powder snow.

See the at:

WR 2023 U14 Regionals results

All results are in from the Western Region U14 Regionals at Jackson Hole.

See them at:

2023 WR U16 Champs results

All results are in from the Western Region U16 Championships at Sun Valley.

See them at:

2023 IMD Finals results are in

Results are in from the IMD Finals at Park City.

See them at:

2023 U12 IMD Champs results

Giant slalom, slalom and kombi results are in from the U12 Intermountain Division Championships at Snowbird.

See then at:

First run slalom inspection on Wilbere Ridge at Snowbird.

SVSEF’s Finnigan Donley brings home U18 Nationals overall men’s title

Way to go Finnnigan!!!

See story below:

Congratulations 2023 IMD grant recepients

IMD is proud to provide some support to these deserving IMD athletes who are heading to their respective Championships. Congratulations and good luck!!!

Atticus Sanders- JHSC
Oliver Sanders- JHSC
Dyllan Guay- PCSS
Kira Thomas- PCSS
Madison Kaiserman- PCSS
Sophie Haggard- SBSEF
Kai Subith- SVSEF
Madalyn Neal- SBSEF
Max Meucci- SVSEF
Maya Lightner- SVSEF

IMD Champs info for parents

Here is a link to some great information for parents of IMD Champs competitors:

2023 YSL Finals results are in

Results are up for the 2023 YSL Finals at Snowbasin.

See them at:

2023 boards are up and updated

The U16 Tri-D boards, U14 Tri-D boards, and the IMD Champs North and South boards are up.

They are available at:

They are also attached below.

U16 Tri-D Boards

U14 Tri-D Boards

South IMD Champs boards

North IMD Champs boards

2023 David Wright Memorial results

Results from the first day of racing at the David Wright Memorial at Park City are in.

Sunday’s slaloms have been canceled because of weather.

See them at:

2023 Tamarack North GS and Kombi results

Giant slalom results are in from the Tamarack North Series GS/Kombi.

See them at:

2023 Laura Flood Memorial results

Results are in from the Laura Flood Memorial at Sun Valley.

See them at:

2023 Snowbasin South GS, Kombi results

The results are in from Snowbasin South Series Giant Slalom and Kombi.

See them at:

Hoffman, Guay still atop IMC standings

After an exciting weekend of Super-Gs, here are the current Bryce Astle Overall Intermountain Cup Standings.

1. Dyllan Guay- PCSS- 700 pts
2. Ruby Smith- SVSEF- 355 pts
3. Taylor Moe- JHSC- 340 pts

1. Jack Hoffman- RM- 446 pts
2. Owen Lancaster- SVSEF- 439 pts
3. Oliver Sanders- JHSC- 379 pts

As a reminder, the Overall Bryce Astle winner is selected off the best 4 SL results, the best 4 GS results and the best 2 SG results and then combined for an overall score.

The races that are included in the IMC are the Jackson Sean Nurse races, the Snowbird U16 tech qualifier, the Bogus U16 SG qualifier, the Laura Flood U16 tech qualifier and the Snowbird Snow Cup.

2023 Bolinder U16 SG results

No better place to watch a Super-G than from a tree.

Results are in from the Trudi Bolinger U16 SGs.

See them at:

Brundage U14 SG results

The results are in from the U14 Qualifier Super-G at Brundage.

See them at:

2023 UOP YSL results

Results are in from the Youth Ski League Kombie at Utah Olympic Park.

See them at:

2023 Bryce Astle WR FIS Tech Series results

The Bryce Astle Western Region FIS Tech Series is a wrap and all results are in.

The series got off to a rough start with the closure of Little Cottonwood Canyon because of weather Monday where the men’s first slalom was scheduled at Snowbird. The first women’s giant slalom in Park City did take place.

Both men’s slaloms took place on Tuesday.

See the results as they come in at:

Here is a link to the live feed of the men’s second slalom at Snowbird on Tuesday:

Men Slalom one winners

Men Slalom two winners

Women Slalom one winners

Women Slalom two winners

2023 UOP South Series SL results

Results from the men’s and women’s South Series slaloms at the Utah Olympic Park are in.

See them here:

2023 Monroe Cup results

Here is the link to the women’s and men’s SL results from the Monroe Cup at Rotarun just outside of Hailey, ID.

PNSA to host combined AO and TD update Feb.6

PNSA will host a combined AO and TD update on February 6, 2023. It will be via Zoom and start at 6:30 pm PST. The AO portion will include the US Ski and Snowboard Update and the Clean Hill video and a short round table discussion (in a breakout room for the AO people). The TD update will continue with the remainder of the presentations. People who only need the bi-seasonal update will be able to leave at the completion of AO portion.

Claudia should have the registration up on the PNSA.Org website by 2/2/2023 in the morning.

WR FIS Tech Series schedule changed

Here is the new West Region FIS Tech Series schedule at Park City and Snowbird:

Park City-

6 Feb W GS – change from 8 Feb

7 Feb W GS – no change

8 Feb M GS – no change

9 Feb M GS – change from 7 Feb


6 Feb 2 M SL – no change

8 Feb 2 W SL – change from 9 Feb

Please let me know if there are any issues or you have any questions. We need to share these changes with the five western divisions.


Bill Gunesch
Western Region Director
U.S. Ski & Snowboard

Weather halts 2023 Jackson IMC Super-Gs

Results from the men’s Super-Gs at the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort are in.

The third men’s Super-G was canceled because of weather.

The first women’s SG was terminated because of course conditions and the remaining two SGs were canceled. There are no women’s results.

See them at:

Westminster FISU results

Here are women’s results from the Westminster FISU Slalom events at Snowbird.

They are also attached below:





Trudi Bolinger race announcement and ticketing process changed

Bogus Basin has installed an RFID system which changes the ticket process and requires preordering. The corrected race announcement and ticket order form are attached below.

Order Trudi Bolinder SG 2023 Tickets

Trudi Bolinder Super G 2023 (1)

Westminster FISU live video feed

Here is the link for today’s FISU men’s slaloms at Snowbird:

2023 Sundance YSL results are in

Results from the Sundance YSL GS are in:

See them at:

2023 Snowbird South GS results are in

The result from the South Series Giant Slaloms at Snowbird are in.

See them at:

2023 Targhee North Series GS results are in

The giant slalom results are in from the first day of racing at Targhee North Series event.

See them here:

Results in from U14 Qualifier at Snow King

The giant slalom results are in from the U14 Qualifier at Snow King Resort in Jackson Hole, WY.

See them at:

8th annual IMD U14 Speed Camp announcement

Here is the event announcement for the 8th annual IMD U14 Speed Camp at Soldier Mountain.

2023 Soldier Mountain IMD U14 Speed Project- Event Announcement

It is also permanently available here:

Referee shadow protocol established

Because of confusion so far this season with the Referee shadow assignments, a protocol has been created after a meeting with the Alpine Officials Committee and Troy Price.

It is important that the new referees, TDs and Chiefs of Race read this document. In addition, I have attached the form that needs to be completed by the mentoring referee. If the Race Organizers could have this on hand, that would be great.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


70 AO Recommendation Form (1)

IMD Referee Shadow Request Protocol

2023 WR Elite Tech Series Results

Results are in from the first women’s slalom and the first men’s giant slalom at the Western Region Tech Series event at Sun Valley.

See them at:

2023 Snowbird U16 qualifier results

Results are in from the Snowbird U16 Qualifier.

See them at:

Podium Photos

Snowbird South Series race announcement revised

Chief of Race for the Snowbird South Series event on Jan. 17-18 has changed.

Here is the revised race announcement:

2023 SB South Series GS RA revised

PNSA AO Update & Review Jan. 17

Good news for Alpine Officials who have not attended an Update & Review this season and need to. The Pacific Northwest Division has one last AO Update Clinic scheduled.

PNW has scheduled an Officials Update clinic for Tuesday Jan. 17 6pm – 9pm PST. (Length determined by number of attendee’s). Register Here: 2022-23 PNW Officials Virtual Update Clinic #5 – Pacific Northwest Ski Association (

Guay, Hoffman lead 2023 Bryce Astle IMC Series

A big THANK YOU goes out to Snowbird Sports Education Foundation for pulling off our 2nd IMC Series under some challenging conditions.

Here are the standings (so far) for our year long Bryce Astle IMC Series:
1. Dyllan Guay- PCSS- 560 pts.
2. Sophia Davis- BSSEF- 264 pts.
3. Taylor Moe- JHSC- 245 pts.
4. Ruby Smith- SVSEF- 235 pts.
5. Lucy Wirth- JHSC- 234 pts.
1. Jack Hoffman- RM- 390 pts.
2. Joseph McNamara- JHSC- 288 pts.
3. Freddy Gowski- RM- 257 pts.
4. Owen Lancaster- SVSEF- 239 pts.
5 Oliver Sanders- JHSC- 229 pts.

Congratulations to Dyllan and Jack, our current Leader Bib athletes!

Targhee Resort waiver

If you are having problems with the Targhee Resort waiver link in the race announcement, try the link below. It will get you there.

2023 WR Devo results

Results from the Western Region Devo event in Jackson are in.

See them at:

2023 Rowmark AO clinic Jan. 9

Rowmark will host an AO clinic on Jan. 9, 2023. The clinic will cover Referee and include testing. This is the final scheduled AO clinic in IMD this season.

Here is the link to register:

See the document below for complete details:

2023 AO Clinic Agenda SLC

2023 Alpine Precisions released

Here is the link to the 2023 Alpine Precisions:

Referee shadow sign ups

New Referees, make sure you sign up for your shadow assignments.

In addition to the Referee course and test, shadow assignments at two events under different Referees are required to complete certification.

Here’s the link:

New rule protects NPS athletes

A new rule was just handed down from the Western Region protecting athletes who attend the NPS project in Burke that conflicts with the U16 Qualifiers at Snowbird.

Here is the new rule:

The Region requires that Divisions protect athletes that are selected and participate in the 2023 NPS projects that conflict with the Divisional qualifying process. These athletes will be selected as part of the Divisional quota. Athletes that attend the NPS series should participate in non conflicting qualifiers within their Division.

The U16 Boards will have the NPS attendees’ names at the top of the board even though they will have zero points after the Snowbird race. As these athletes score world cup points at the other qualifiers, they will be moved to where they objectively qualify. If they fail to qualify objectively, they will be automatics and will use one of our quota spots.

2022-23 Sean Nurse results are in

The results from the Sean Nurse Giant Slaloms and Slaloms in Jackson Hole are in. Today’s final day of Slaloms was canceled due to extreme cold weather.

Here is link to the results:

2023 IMD Junior Team announced

Congratulations to the Intermountain Alpine Junior Team!

Every December, IMD selects six boys and four girls who were active IMD racers the previous season and will be active IMD U21 or U18 racers for the following season to become members of the IMD Junior Team.

IMD athletes who qualify but will not be returning to IMD to compete for the following season (move to the USST, went to college, retirement, etc.) are named honorary team members. The 10 members will each receive a $500 IMD Grant to help with their race expenses for the season. In addition, they will receive free entry fees to all Intermountain Cup (IMC) races.

Oliver Parazette, 2002, Honorary U. of U.
Benny Brown, 2003, Honorary Eastern
Ryder Sarchett, 2003, Honorary USST
1 Colin Hanna, 2004, SVSEF
2 Finnigan Donley, 2005, SVSEF
3 Grant Hagen, 2003, PCSS
4 Kai Subith, 2005, SVSEF
5 Jakob Rogers, 2003, PCSS
6 Ford Hodgkins, 2004, PCSS

Laurem Macuga, 2002, Honorary USST
Mary Bocock, 2003, Honorary USST
Sophia Tozzi, 2003, Honorary Eastern
Dasha Romanov, 2003, Honorary USST
Mia Hunt, 2003, Honorary Rocky
Elisabeth Bocock, 2005, Honorary USST
1 Paige Dehart, 2005, SVSEF
2 Maddie Welling, 2004, PCSS
3 Madison Kaiserman, 2004, PCSS
4 Carly Hamilton, 2005, PCSS

2022-23 IMD Handbook is here

The Intermountain Division Alpine Handbook is now available for download.

It contains everything parents, racers and coaches need to know for a successful competition season.

Get yours at the link below:

2022-23 IMD Handbook (ver. 1)

It is also available from a link on the IMD homepage.

2023 Master Packet of Forms updated

The Master Packet of Forms for 2023 has been updated.

The MPF zip files in Alpine 101 Race Admin and TD sections have been updated.

The updated package is attached below:


U16 IMC Qualifier race announcement

Here is the U16 IMC Qualifier at Snowbird.

2023 U16 IMC Q RA

Race organizer alert: Competition Administration updated, renamed

The Competition Administration Summary has been updated and renamed “Event Quality Control”.

This a new element of the sanction agreements race organizers make with USSS each season.

Here is a link to the updated document:

Event Quality Control_2022-23 Season

The updated document can also be found and discussed in Alpine 101 Forum:

Alpine 101 Competition Administration document and discussion

Sun Valley Referee clinic start time changed

The start time for the Sun Valley Referee clinic and testing on Nov. 22 has been changed to 4:30 p.m.

Alpine Officials clinics have been scheduled for Sun Valley in October and November and they are open to all AOs

RSVP to Sue Schwartz,, to let them know which session you will attend.

Chief of Course clinic and testing — Completed
Monday, Oct. 24. 4-8:30 p.m. at the SVSEF Training Center, 215 Picabo St., Ketchum (2nd Floor).
Instructors: Sue Schwartz and Riley Berman
RSVP to Sue Schwartz,, to let them know which session you will attend.

Race Administration clinic and testing Completed
Saturday, Nov. 12, 9 a.m. at the SVSEF Training Center.
Instructor: Susan Yoshikawa-Torres
RSVP to Sue Schwartz,, to let them know which session you will attend.

Timing & Calculations 1 clinic and testing Completed
Sunday, Nov. 13, 9 a.m. at the SVSEF Training Center.
Instructor: Riley Berman
RSVP to Sue Schwartz,, to let them know which session you will attend.

Referee clinic and testing
Tuesday, Nov. 22, 4:30 p.m. at River Run Lodge (start time change)
Instructor: Stephen Schowengerdt
RSVP to Stephen Schowengerdt,

Please be prepared when you show up for your course and testing with a copy of the Alpine Competition Rules, paper and pens or pencils.

You must be an Alpine Official member of U.S. Ski & Snowboard to take these courses and test. If you are a new AO with no classifications you must also complete the Competition Official course and quiz before you can attend a specialty area clinic ad test. You can download the CO course and quiz here:

If you are looking for an Update & Review training session, visit the link below to sign up:

In-person AO training will also take place at the Utah Olympic Park. Go here for details:

RA alert: MPF document changed

Please note that Master Packet of Forms Document #6 has been updated.

The change is that email addresses with the FIS no longer end in .ch yet now end in .com. This will affect the email addresses for submitting results, etc.

All instances of the MPF have been updated in Alpine 101.

The updated document is attached below:

06 FIS Event Document Packets Nov 22 rev

2022-23 Sean Nurse race announcement

The Sean Nurse race announcement is attached.

Sean Nurse Jan 2-5 Announcement

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