Just 1 AO clinic remains in IMD, Updated: 11/25

Here are the dates for the Intermountain Division fall alpine officials’ clinics.

  • Jackson, October 30 Completed
  • Park City, November 9 Completed
  • Bogus Basin, November 16 Completed
  • Sun Valley, November 25 Completed
  • Rowmark, January 6

For study guides and other AO training documents, visit: https://www.imdalpine.org/alpine101/forum/

Rowmark AO clinic details are in: 2020 AO Clinic Agenda SLC. Only Referee will be covered at the Rowmark clinic. Read the announcement completely and ensure that you RSVP by the cutoff date.

If you are new to alpine officiating (have never attended an AO clinic and do not have a classification in any AO specialty area), make sure you visit https://www.imdalpine.org/alpine101 and complete the Online CO course and test. It is required for first-time clinic attendance.

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