IMD AO clinics schedule for 2021-22

This is a developing list of AO Clinic opportunities in IMD for 2021-22. To attend any IMD AO clinic, you must have a Competition Official 1 or higher classification. The 2021-22 version of the Online CO course and exam is available here: CO Course and Quiz.

All Alpine Update & Review clinics in IMD this fall will be given virtually the same way we did last season. Here is the signup page for this season’s Online Update & Review: Update & Review Signup. You must sign up to attend.

Clinics have already occurred at Snowbird, Jackson Hole, Sun Valley and Rowmark. Here are the in-person specialty area AO clinics remaining in IMD:

Utah Olympic Park
Click here to signup for the UOP AO clinics
Dec 7
5:30-9 p.m.
Chief of Race (virtual option available), Race Administration (virtual option available) and Timing & Calculations training and testing.

Here is what you need to know
Show up at the clinic prepared with valid U.S. Ski and Snowboard Alpine Officials license, paper and pen or pencil for taking notes and your Alpine Competition Guide. Computers, tablets and phones cannot be used during testing, so make sure you have your Comp Guide with you. U.S. Ski & Snowboard is requiring proof of vaccination to be able to attend an AO clinic in person. Online attendance will be available for those not comfortable attending in person. Virtual attendees who need to test must let the clinic leader know that a date to take a proctored test must be set up. Please refer to the USS COVID-19 Guidance for Gatherings in the Alpine 101 Forum.

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