2022 Intermountain Junior Team named

Congratulations to this year’s Intermountain Junior Team!! The team is comprised of 6 men and 4 women. The criteria is that you had to compete in IMD last season and plan on competing this season as well. Athletes that have gone on to the US Ski Team, out of division or gone to school can not be named to the team. Athletes will receive a check that will be sent to their coaches to help offset expenses as well as comped entries to IMC races.

1. Benny Brown- PCSS
2. Jakob Rogers- PCSS
3. Espen Hunt- PCSS
4. Colin Hanna- SVSEF
5. Stefan Brennwald- PCSS
6. Townsend Mikell- SBSEF

1. Sophia Tozzi- IND
2. Mia Hunt- PCSS
3. Madison Kaiserman- PCSS
4. Fiona Sawyer- PCSS

IMD athletes are ranked in each discipline based on the last National list from the 20-21 season. World Cup points are assigned based on the 100-1 system. The best 3 out of 4 disciplines are combined for a grand total.

Once again, Congratulations to these fine athletes!!


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