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Using PandaDoc for electronic signatures  


Stephen Schowengerdt
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30/12/2020 9:32 am  

AO Community,

Sharing of ideas is extremely helpful as we navigate this season of virtual meetings, etc. Today I share an item that Eric Hammerstrom out of Central has found and passed along. This is a free add on to google doc for collecting signatures. I have had the opportunity to review the tutorials and have not had the full time to work through the process of adding on panda doc to my google docs yet.

I have left Eric’s contact info in here if you have questions about the program and/or to thank him for his tutorials and great find! Please pass along to your RA’s in your area if they are in search of something like this.


Here are two tutorials on how I used PandaDoc as an Add Onn to Google Docs to create signable race forms.  Let me know is these will work for folks.

--Eric Hammerstrom




This video shows how a Race Administrator can use PandaDoc to create signable electronic forms for a TCM, using the 27 Attendance list.pdf from the 20-21 Master Packet of Forms.





This video shows what things look like for Officials who receive a PandaDoc email from a Race Administrator requesting their signature.





Lucy Conklin
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