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IMC/Open Sean Nurse, IMC/Open, 2SL/2GS, Snowking, Dec. 19-22
Junior IMC U14 Q, IMD U14, 2SL/1GS, Snowbird, Jan. 07-09
IMC/Open U16 Q Wes Baron, IMC/Open, 3 SG, Jackson, Jan. 14-17
IMD U14 Speed Project, IMD U14, SG, Soldier Mtn., Jan. 31-02
Junior IMC U14 Q, IMD U14, 3 SG, Snowbasin, Feb. 11-14
Junior IMC U14 Q David Wright, IMD U14, 1SL/2GS, Park City, March 04-06
WR U14 Championships, Western Region, SG/SL/GS, Mammoth, March 24-27
Tri-Divisional Championships, IMD U14/U16, SL/GS/SG, Jackson, March 24-27
Intermountain Finals, North/South Series, SL/GS, Snowbird, March 26-27
IMC/Open Snowcup, IMC/Open, 2SL/2GS/2SG, Snowbird, March 31-05
WR U14 Project, Western Region, GS/SG, Squaw Valley, April 24-27

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