Welcome to imdalpine.org

The new rebranded IMD website has launched.

You may have gotten here by clicking on or entering ussa-imd.org. That is OK and that address will continue to work for a while. But the new IMD website address is: imdalpine.org.

In addition to the rebranding to eliminate USSA from our pages there are a few other changes.

The forums have gone away. They weren’t being used.

We have added a menu category Administration and divided it into Governance and Alpine Operations sections to provide a clear distinction between the IMD Board of Directors and the Alpine Committees.

We are also finalizing online club and team payments via credit card. The website has been secured with an SSL certificate and “Shop” has been added as a top-level menu item. It should be ready to go soon. While there is a link to pay club dues, please hold off. It isn’t ready to go yet.