U14 Snowbasin SG changes

Here are a couple of changes/notes for the U14 SG Feb 8-10 at Snowbasin.
Here is the updated race announcement: updated_Snowbasin_U14_SGs_race_announcement
Here is the waiver and release: USSS U14SG 02_8-10_19
1st Team Captain’s Meeting Location Change
The 1st Team Captain’s will be held at Snowbasin’s Earl’s Lodge in the Huntington Room.
Registration 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm this included pass purchases. Athletes will be able to purchase passes at 7:15 am in Earls Lodge on Friday Feb 8.
Athlete pass price change 
RA motes a $45 ticket. Snowbasin actually has a racer pass of $40 ticket for  ages  up to 12 and $50 for ages 13 and up. 3  day pass available. Checks for passes to Snowbasin Resort. no cc fee.
5:30 pm-7:00 pm Registration and ticket purchase
7:00 pm TC meeting at Snowbasin Earl’s Lodge
8:00 am Wildcat Lift for athletes

Tentative Schedule:

Friday 2/8/19 Ladies and Men’s training run (required) followed by Ladies Race #1

Saturday 2/9/19 Mens’Race#1/ladies Race #2/Men’s Race#2

Sunday 2/10/19 Ladies Race 3 and Men’s Race 3

A complete schedule of event will be provided on Thursday.
See you all this weekend!