S.V. Chief of Race and Chief of Course clinics Dec. 5

Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation will hold two Alpine official training sessions on (note date change) Dec. 5 at 10:30 a.m. Chief of Race and Chief of Course will be held. Testing will be offered.

Let them know you are coming by shooting an email to Riley Berman, riley@svsef.org.

If you are new to officiating, you must complete the mandatory Online Competition Official course and test. You can download the course and test from https://www.imdalpine.org/alpine101/. Once you have completed the test, email it back to IMD Alpine Officials Chairman Stephen Schowengerdt, gerdt@imdalpine.org.

You may also want to visit the Alpine 101 Forums, https://www.imdalpine.org/alpine101/forum/, to grab the Chief of Course and Chief of Race training material and get a jumpstart on the course.

Make sure you take a pad of paper, pens or pencils and your Comp Guide with you on the day of training. You will need them.