IMD response to early end of 2020 competition season

To all of IMD’s valued members:

As most of you might know, U.S. Ski & Snowboard has put a halt on all sanctioned domestic events beginning on March 16. This includes Tri-Divisionals, U14 Regionals, WRJC, IMD projects and the Snow Cup Finale. While this is sad news, it is imperative that we view this with understanding and compassion as all of us need to do our part in slowing down the transmission of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

Here is the Centers for Disease Control COVID-19 website:

The IMD Championships at Bogus Basin this weekend have also been canceled.

Because of the loss of competitive opportunities, IMD will work hard in the next few months to come up with opportunities in the fall, assuming the world health climate has settled down.

A few housekeeping items:

  1. The Bryce Astle IMC winners will be announced next week. The title usually extends through the Snow Cup but will be cut short this season. The awards will be given to the clubs to distribute to the athletes.
  2. IMD Grant recipients will retain their grants to use for future competitions even though the event was not contested.
  3. IMD’s U14 Regional Teams will be refunded their project fees. If team members wish to purchase the team jacket, a black Spyder jacket with the red, white and blue IMD on the back, contact me (

Be safe, put on your goggles, buff and gloves and go skiing … it seems like the safest place to be!

Carma Burnett
IMD Alpine Director

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