Check out the Alpine 101 Forums

The Alpine 101 Forums have launched.

This is a place to discuss ski racing and officiating, a place to learn and a place to help others with what you know.

You should create a login during your first visit so you can fully experience the forums.

Click here if you want to go check them out right now.

A link to the Alpine 101 Forums has been added to Community in the top menu bar and on the home page.

Here are some of the discussion areas you will find their and topics:

General non-AO-related area with the topics “Life After IMD” and “Newbie Questions and Answers”.

General Alpine Official-related area with the topics “First Steps” and “Medical Guide”.

Other areas of discussion are “Technical Delegates”, “Timing and Calculations”, “Race Administrator”, “Referee and Jury Advisor” and “Chief of Race”.

You will notice that the discussion areas are also being used as a vehicle for supplying AO training material.

Please feel free to recommend discussion areas. Once you are a registered forum user, you will be able to create topics in the discussion areas.

And, also, please let us know what you think of the forums.