AO COVID-19 update from AOEWG

Here is an update/clarification from the U.S. Ski & Snowboard Alpine Officials Education Working Group Chair Lucy Conklin:

Covid-19 Policy Plan for Officials Certification 2020-21

OC’s should do everything possible within their power to use appropriately certified personnel for all duties within their event that require certified individuals.

TD’s, Referees & Course Setters must be certified.
CR, CC, JA, RA, TnC – should be certified; however, if a certified individual is not available, the jury may use the most experienced person available to fill this position provided they have at least a CO certification, reviewed the 2021 Alpine Review and Update, and have current official’s membership.
The possibility for non-certified officials and coaches to serve in a mentee capacity with the jury to gain experience as assistants is possible and can be logged by the individual (MPF 70 AO Personal Activity Record) to be used by their division for future officials upgrades. Exams for certification will be available at a later time once the current pandemic situation has changed to a more favorable situation. Online Course Official training and exam are currently being developed and will be made available once complete.

Due to COVID-19 Alpine Officials and Referee exams will not be provided until the health situation changes to more favorable place. Unfortunately, there will be no exceptions to this policy. Please use the best possible people to serve your events and be sure to provide access to training materials like the AO Manual and the Specialty Study Guides for each. It is all of our responsibility to make sure that all parties assigned in an official capacity have appropriate time to learn their position, the requirements of the position and how to execute the position. In effect studying the material so as prepared to complete a successful exam.

Lucy Conklin
Alpine Officials Education Working Group Chair

Please Visit Alpine 101 Forum for all COVID-19 documents and information

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