2018 OL CO course is online

The Online Competition Official course for the 2018-19 season is online.

It is available in Alpine 101.

Completion of the OL CO Course is a prerequisite for all new officials before they can attend an Alpine Officials Clinic in IMD and test in any other area of specialization.

After completing the course and test, return it to gerdt@imdalpine.org for credit.

Jackson looking for race administrator

Jackson Hole Ski & Snowboard Club is looking for Race Day Administrator .
Primary duties are to organize pre-race registration and coordinate with event organizer and staff to manage all race preparation and execution. Knowledge of Alpine ski racing and experience in this role is preferred.
For more info contact Branko Zagar at: bzagar@jhskiclub.org

McCall seeks Alpine Director-Head Coach

McCall Winter Sports Club is seeking qualified candidates for Alpine Director-Head Coach position. Join the team and help carry on our ski community’s tradition of creating world-class athletes and strong individuals!  See job description and application process here: http://mccallwintersportsclub.website.siplay.com/Site/Info/Employment


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